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The Michigan Agency Alliance is an organization of independent agents who have joined together to help each other gain scale, skills and knowledge that may not exist in their own organizations. We meet monthly to gauge our progress and plan ways in which we can further assist each other.


Our Mission Statement

Individually we are independent insurance agents that are committed to long term, mutually beneficial and professional relationships with our employees, our customers and the companies we represent. We believe that our best source of new business is a referral that has been earned by our professional service.

Collectively we are committed to developing marketing and operating strategies that will allow our long-term relationships to grow and prosper while at the same time maintaining our independence.

Our Mission is to combine our resources for the long-term mutual financial and operating benefit of our customers, the companies we represent and our individual agencies. The strategies of the Michigan Agency Alliance will provide us with the stability and collective knowledge we need to work successfully with our customers and preferred carriers.

Our goals include the following:


  • Solidify and stabilize our insurance company relationships
  • Create profitable premium growth for all current MAA appointed carriers and brokers
  • Develop new appointments with carriers and brokers that will enhance the MAA market position
  • Enhance contingent commission (profit sharing) opportunities for the member agencies
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas among the members
  • Provide emergency help and aid among the members as needed, including buy and sell agreements
  • Enhance visibility and influence of the membership through public relations and charitable giving opportunities
  • Provide purchasing economies of scale where possible
  • Complete development of a contingent perpetuation plan  

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